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Item Number: SP01
Weight: 2 lbs.
Manufacturer: Auto Enginuity
Media: Wireless Connectors & Software
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Our best selling Auto Enginuity Scan Tool Product just got better!

  • You save OVER $250.00 with the purchase of the Pro-Line!
  • Wireless ProLine VCI WIFI connector package is included for FREE in this kit ($150 value)!
  • The most comprehensive OBD-II and Enhanced Interface coverage available!

Choose English or Spanish when you install the software on your computer!

Click here for a comparison to other professional and DIY scan tools.

Pro-Line OBD-II ScanTool Bundle Includes wireless connectors plus the following interfaces:

  • (ST06) USB PC ProLine Interface with Wireless Vehicle Link
  • (EI01) Enhanced Ford Interface
  • (EI02) Enhanced GM Interface
  • (EI03) Enhanced Toyota Interface
  • (EI04) Enhanced Chrysler Interface
  • (EI05) Enhanced Mazda Interface
  • (EI06) Enhanced Nissan Interface
  • (EI08) Enhanced Honda Interface
  • (EI09) Enhanced Hyundai / Kia Interface
  • (EI12) Enhanced Subaru Interface
  • (EI14) Enhanced Isuzu Interface
  • (EI15) Enhanced Mitsubishi Interface
  • FREE SpeedTracer Software - More Info

Enhanced Interface Features:

  • Support for bi-directional commands & system level tests
  • With bi-directional controls, now you can take control of the vehicle's operation
  • Software-only updates1 for our ScanTool that, once purchased, can be activated via email
  • No extra installation or special hardware necessary1
  • Enhanced interfaces are licensed to a single PC & come with free updates for the first year
  • Each additional year of updates is only $150 per region - ie $150 for Domestic, $150 for Asian & $150 for European.
  • No annual license fee & you can transfer your license to a different PC if necessary.

1Enhanced interface comes with a special stand-alone controller.

For more information see the Auto Enginuity User Guide (.pdf)

System Requirements:

  • Windows 98SE 1 / ME / 2000 / XP (Pro, Home, and Media Center) / Vista / Windows 7
  • 64 MB of free drive space
  • 64 MB of memory

1USB 2.0 support is required for operation - USB 2.0 is built-into Windows 2000 and later.

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