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1996 - 2023 Acura & Honda Enhanced OBD-II Auto Enginuity Software (Requires ST06)
Item Number: EI08
Weight: 0 lbs.
Manufacturer: Auto Enginuity
Media: Software Code (sent in email)
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AutoEnginuity's enhanced Honda interface supports hundreds of sensors and bi-directional controls selected from the engine (PGM), transmission (TCM), ABS, and airbag systems.

Body Control Module System Tests:

  • ATF Replacement
  • Diagnosis of Keyless Entry function
  • Engine Oil Replacement
  • Keyless Entry Registration
  • Mission Replacement
  • Passcode Clear
  • Reset of driver side window position
  • Reset of assistant side window position
  • Reset of left rear side window position
  • Reset of right rear side window position
  • Self Diagnostics

Other System Tests:

  • ADS Damper Forced Operation
  • ADS Jack-Up Stroke Calibration
  • ATTS Lateral G And Yaw Rate Calibration
  • ATTS Steering Angle Calibration
  • Calibrates All Sensor (ABS Type 1 & 4)
  • Crank Position Sensor Notch Learn
  • DBW Throttle Carbon Clogging Reset
  • DBW Throttle Carbon Clogging Status
  • Engine Oil Replacement Reset
  • OPDS Initialization
  • OPDS Sensor Adjustment
  • Reset Wheel Speed Pulse Counters (ABS Type 1 & 4)
  • Resolver Zero-Position Offset Calibration
  • SWS Initialization

Click here for a current list of coverage: Honda-specific sensors and systems.

*Does not support any ABS VSA Type II (Acura RL '00 - '04).

*Does not support the automatic closing of the SCS line. An external break-out box will be required. Please consult with vehicles service manual for more information.

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