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$4,200.00 $3,700.00

Item Number: MX13-CF52-NA
Weight: 20 lbs.
Software Manuafacturer: PACCAR
Laptop Manufacturer: Panasonic Corporation of North America
FREE SHIPPING on all Orders in USA over $200.00.

Package Contents:

  • Davie4 PACCAR MX-11 & MX-13 Engine Software Annual Subscription (installed & registered with PACCAR)
  • Refurbished Panasonic Toughbook CF-52
    • Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit
    • 4GB RAM
    • 320GB Hard Drive
    • 1 Year Warranty
  • Lifetime Dealer Level Tech Support for the life of the tool.  We are here to support you when you have a problem after the sale.  This is a huge benfit to the end user.
  • NOTE: This kit is intended for customers who already have a diagnostic adapter/connector that connects from the USB port on the computer to the 9 pin connector on the truck.  The USB adapter is required to diagnose your truck.

Davie4 PACCAR MX-11 & MX-13 Software Features:

  • Works on Peterbilt & Kenworth
  • Reflash ECU with new calibrations.  Calibrations are accessible over-the-internet through the MX-13 Software.  There is not charge for PACCAR calibrations.
  • Perform and read all diagnostic tests
  • Enable Progressive Shifting
  • Enable Park Brake Reset
  • Enable Air Temp Idle Timer Override
  • Idle Time In PTO Mode
  • Enable Clutch Pedal Position Timer Reset Condition
  • Time Remaining To Shut Down After EIST Warning
  • Enable Accelerator Position (as timer reset condition)
  • Enable Foot Brake Position (as timer reset condition)
  • Enable Clutch Pedal (as timer reset condition)
  • Enable EIST in PTO mode
  • Read, reload & download all snapshot & trip reports
  • Read all chart recorder items
  • Read & clear all fault codes
  • Adjust road speed
  • Download all log files into Excel or PDF files
  • Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration
  • NOTE: PACCAR Davie 4 Reccommended Operating System: Win 7 Pro, 32or 64 bit
  • Note: Paccar charges a database access fee of $50 to change parameters (such as max vehicle speed) or reflash the electronic control module.
  • NOTE: Davie 4 does require internet connection while in use. Foe roadside assistance applications, use the hot-spot on your cell phone to connect to the internet.
  • NOTE: Subscription good only for customers residing within the USA
  • NOTE: Factory PACCAR repair manuals are not included with this subscription
  • NOTE:  Annual Subscription Cost is $2400
  • NOTE:  Does not allow Eportal Access

    We reserve the right to change / update software, hardware or pricing w/o prior notice.

 *** This software requires several hours of technician labor time to install on your laptop. After installation if you request a refund, we will refund the purchase price, minus a $200 installation & tech support fee. By purchasing this software, you agree to this return policy ***