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csh2-0872885615.jpg Cockshutt I&T Tractor Service Manual CS-2
Cockshutt Models: 20, 30, 40, 50, CO-OP E2, CO-OP E3, CO-OP E4, CO-OP E5
Gamble's Farm Crest Model: c30
Item # CSH2-0872885615


it102-0872884805.jpg I&T Collector's Series Farm Tractors-1916-1925
Model Years: 1916-1925
Item # IT102-0872884805


mssotmr-0872884538.jpg I&T Tractor Service Volume Set (with counter rack)
Counter Rack
Item # CMSSOTMR-0872884538


it201-0872887766.jpg Implement and Tractor Magazine Articles
Tractor Magaznw Articles
Item # IT201-0872887766


mi-s-shop-ref.jpg The Essential Shop Reference Guide
Essential Shop Reference Guide


tc-01599691909.jpg Tractor Components Manual
Tractor Components Manual
Item # TC-01599691906



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