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SampleService.jpg Adams, Galion, Hough, IHC, McCormick Deering Engine Service Manual
Engine Models: D264, D281, D350, D370
Adams Models: 311, 312, 412, 414, 512, 412H
Galion Model: 303
Hough Models: HL, HLD, PL-12
IHC Power Units: UD-264, UD-370
Mccormick Deering Models: WD-9, WDR-9


SampleService.jpg Case M-3, Continental Engines, Ditch Witch, Galion, Bantam Crane, Earthmaster, Napco, Pettibone, Terratrac Service Manual
Case Models: M-3, 256, 356, 600
Continental Engines Models:(43 Models)
Ditch Witch Model: 4010
Galion Model: 503
Bantam Crane Model: 350
Earthmaster Models: C, D
Napco Model: Crab
Pettibone Model: Super 4
Terratrac Models: GT-25, GT-30


SampleService.jpg Detroit Diesel In Line 3-71, 4-71, 6-71 Service Manual
Allis Chalmers Engine Models: AD30, AD40, BD-2, BD-3
Austin Western Models: 88FW, 88L, 99L
Euclid Models: 16, 21, 29, 91, 93, 94, 95, 96, 16TDT-23SH, 68FDT-17SH, 82-30, C-6, TS-18, TS-24
Galion Models: 104, 118, T-500A, T-500C, T-600C
Hough Models: H-65B, H-70F, H-90
Le Tourneau Model: D
Wabco Model: D
Item # DD-S-IN-LINE71


SampleService.jpg Galion Hough IHC Equipment Tractor Engine Service Manual
Engine Models: BD-220, BD-264, C-221, C-263, C-282, C-291, C-301
Galion Model: 503A
Hough :(7 Equipment Models)
IHC: (22 Equipment Models)


SamplePart.jpg Galion, Hough, IHC 6 Cylinder Tractor Engine Parts Manual
Engine Models: D-282, D-301, D-310, D-407, DT-407, T-429, D-236, D-358, D-414, DT-414, D-436, DT-436, D-360, D-312, DT-466
Galion, Hough, IHC:(93 equipment models)
Item # IH-P-ENG5-6CYL


SampleService.jpg Galion Hough IHC Equipment 300 & 400 Series Engine Service Manual
Engine Models: D-312, D-360, DT-360, D-414, DT-414, DT-414B, D-436, DT-436, DT-436B, D-466, DT-466, DT-466B, DTI-466B, DT-466C, DTI-466C
Galion Hough IHC: (65 Equipment Models)
Item # IH-S-ENG3-400


SampleService.jpg Galion, Hough, IHC Tractor Engine Service Manual
Engine Models: D236, D282, D301
Galion Models: 125P, 503A
Hough Models: H-30, H-30B, H-40, H-50C, H-60, H-60B
IHC: (18 Equipment Models)
Item # IH-S-ENG460ETC


it102-0872884805.jpg I&T Collector's Series Farm Tractors-1916-1925
Model Years: 1916-1925
Item # IT102-0872884805


mssotmr-0872884538.jpg I&T Tractor Service Volume Set (with counter rack)
Counter Rack
Item # CMSSOTMR-0872884538


it201-0872887766.jpg Implement and Tractor Magazine Articles
Tractor Magaznw Articles
Item # IT201-0872887766


mi-s-shop-ref.jpg The Essential Shop Reference Guide
Essential Shop Reference Guide


tc-01599691909.jpg Tractor Components Manual
Tractor Components Manual
Item # TC-01599691906



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