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Item Number: CARTECH-SA327
Weight: 1 lbs.
Publisher: CarTech Inc. / SA Design
Softcover: 176 pages
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11.0 x 0.3 inches
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The Chrysler B-Bodies from 1966 to 1970 are the most-restored cars in the franchise's storied history. Popular models among them include the Charger, Coronet, GTX, Road Runner, and Super Bee. Restoring a Mopar B-Body is easier than ever with numerous of available aftermarket parts suppliers.

This book offers an in-depth resource for restoring a Mopar B-Body. Step-by-step processes walk you through the tasks of metal repair, suspension rebuild, driveline verification, interior restoration, and more. All components are addressed, creating the most complete resource in the marketplace.

With multiple step-by-step procedures and more than 400 color photographs, this is the most-complete hands-on book ever written covering these coveted Chryslers. This will be your primary resource when it's time to tackle a full restoration or complete a simple repair on your prized Pentastar. You won't find a cheaper "part" that helps you more than Mopar B-Body Restoration 1966-1970.

Chapter 1:
 Getting Started 
 Not All Cars Are Created Equal 
 Dollars and Sense 
 Know Your Skills 
 Start Shopping for a Shop 
 Work Area 
 Do Your Research 
 Inspection Details 
 Restoration Levels 
 Chapter 2:
 Identity Documents 
 Broadcast Sheet 
 Window Sticker or Dealer Invoice 
 What Is Numbers Matching? 
 Fender Tag 
 VIN Locations 
 Chapter 3:
 Organize Your Parts 
 Some Materials Require Special Handling 
 Powertrain and Suspension 
 Parts Cleaning 
 Chapter 4:
 Rust! It’s a Dirty Word! 
 Stripping to Bare Metal 
 Condition Assessment 
 Patch Installation 
 Subframe Repair 
 Floorpan Patch 
 Roof Skin Replacement 
 Quarter Panel Replacement 
 Quarter Panel Installation 
 Door Hinge Rebuild 
 Wheel-Opening Molding Installation 
 Chapter 5:
 Paint Prep and Painting 
 Pulling Out Dents 
 Body Filler Basics 
 Primed and Ready 
 Paint Types 
 Paint Booth 
 Vehicle Preparation 
 How the Factory Did It 
 Painting Your Car Body 
 Interior Color 
 Grille Blackout 
 Body Stripes 
 Emblems and Decals 
 Vinyl Tops 
 Inner Fender Masking 
 Polyurethane Underbody Painting 
 Undercoating Application 
 Cowl Painting 
 Wet Sanding 
 Paint Buffing 
 Chapter 6:
 Suspension Overview 
 Rebuilding a Front Suspension 
 Upper Control Arms 
 Lower Control Arms 
 Brake System 
 Leaf Springs 
 Steering System 
 Chapter 7:
 Type of Restoration 
 383/440 Strategy 
 Engine Assembly 
 Engine Painting 
 Engine Installation 
 Rear-End Rebuild 
 Chapter 8:
 Miscellaneous Mechanicals 
 Wiper Motor 
 Grille 130 Trim Repair 
 Rear Window Trim 1968–1970 
 Fresh-Air Induction 
 Non-A/C Heater Box 
 Chapter 9:
 Detailing and Showing Your Car
 A Detail Job Worthy of Judging 
 Show Venues 


Format: Paperback
Illustrations: 493 color photos and diagrams
ISBN: 9781613251928
Product Code: SA327