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bhk-bh5131 The Bone-Ster 350 lbs-Capacity Bone Creeper
Item # BHK-BH5131


pgs-5031 Tail Bone Creeper
Designed from scratch to be easier to use, more comfortable, more durable and a better value than any other mechanic's stool on the market!
Item # PGS-5031


pgs-5131 Tail Bone Rough Rider Creeper
The base is a uniquely designed tripod, so it's a naturally stable working platform even on uneven floors and surfaces.
Item # PGS-5131


pgs-7031 Rough Rider Bone Creeper
The “Go Anywhere Creeper” that has all of the features of the Bone plus extrabig wheels and extra ground clearance (2-5/8”) for use indoors our out.
Item # PGS-7031


omg-6031 Omega Bone Mechancis Creeper
Large 5" diameter wheels will roll over most anything in a shop. Capacity: 300 LBS.
Item # PGS-6031


01_otc1580.jpg OTC 1,500 lb. Capacity Easy Roller
Item # OTC1580


KTI Heavy Duty Floor Creeper
Item # KTI74956


Adjustable Headrest Heavy Duty Floor Creeper
Item # KTI74960


Adjustable Roller Seat
Item # KTI74970


LIS92102.gif Lisle Low Profile Plastic Creeper (Red)
Item # LIS92102


LIS92032.gif Lisle Large Wheel Plastic Creeper (Red)
Item # LIS92032


LIS95002.gif Lisle Fold Up Creeper
Item # LIS95002