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otc-3833m13-small.jpg 2013 OTC TPM Master Kit W/Mag & Qr Cd
OTC-3833M13 TPM tool with latest software subscription including 2013 MY. Automatically Selects the Proper Sensor Communication!
Item # OTC3833M13


otc-3833b13-small.jpg 2011 OTC Tire Pressure Monitor Base Kit
2013 OTC TPM Sensor Base Kit Automatically Selects the Sensor Communication & activate sensors before tire service, when tires are rotated & when there is a problem with TPMS.
Item # OTC3833B13


OTC3835.gif Tire Pressure Monitoring System Reset Tool Master Kit
Wireless Connection to Genisys Scan Tool!
Item # OTC3835


OTC3834.gif Tire Pressure Monitoring System Reset Tool
Wireless Connection to Genisys Scan Tool!
Item # OTC3834


OTC38339.jpg OTC Tire Pressure Monitor Master Upgrade Kit
Includes material to turn a Tire Pressure Monitor Base Kit into a Master Kit.
Item # OTC38339


OTC3870TPR.gif OTC TPMS Scan and TPR Combo Kit with Smart Cable
Item # OTC3870TPR


OTC38337.gif Tire Pressure Monitor System Update Cable
Item # OTC38337


OTC38334.jpg Tire Pressure Monitor Magnet
Item # OTC38334


OTC383315.jpg Digital Tire Pressure Gauge
Item # OTC383315


OTC383317.gif TPMS Valve Core Torque Tool Accessory
Item # OTC383317


KTI71990A.jpg KTI Tire Inflation Positioning Sensor Tool
Item # KTI71990A


TS401.jpg Autel MaxiTPMS TS401 TPMS Test Tool + 1 Year FREE Updates
Autel TS401 activate and decodes ALL magnetic, frequency, and tire deflation triggered sensors on all vehicles sold worldwide.
Item # TS401



How to Find Tire-Pressure-Monitors-TPMS

How to Use TPMS-Tire-Reset-Tools

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