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ROUSH Six-Piston Mustang Brake KitROUSH® Mustang Brakes: Improve stopping distance and brake control

When it comes to performance, your Mustang's braking power is arguably just as important as how fast you can get up to speed.

There are a number of trade-offs when it comes to brake pads specifically. A brake pad will have an ideal operating temperature. Street pads typically have a low operating temperature. What this means is that the stopping power will be optimum when the brakes are cold (you can stop well as soon as you pull out of your driveway). The downside of this is that as temperatures go up, the brake pads "fade," losing braking power.

Track pads, on the other hand, have high operating temperatures, requiring a much higher temperature in order to experience "brake fade." Some common downsides of track pads is noise (squeeling sound) and added brake dust.

Yet another consideration for brake pads is how aggressive they are. Less aggressive pads tend to last longer, where more aggressive pads not only wear out sooner, they also eat up the rotors more quickly.

Our four-piston front Mustang brake kit is great for use on both the road and track, while our six-piston kit adds even more performance for the track with added thermal capacity and increased pad stability under intense braking.

ROUSH is perhaps most known for its powertrain kits. However, ROUSH isn't just a parts manufacturer. We've raced week-in and week-out for over thirty years on tracks of all types. On both oval and road courses, a race car's brakes are just as critical as the powertrain. If the brakes fail on one our race cars, that car's day is done, and even if the brakes do hold up, it's also critical how they perform outside of simply lasting. The driver's ability to modulate the brakes going into a corner to precisely pitch the car in just the right way and hit a specific speed through a corner is a huge part of maximizing speed through a turn.

We know brakes, and we're committed to offering you a number of performance Mustang braking solutions to best meet your needs.