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Item Number: 78930
Weight: 4 lbs.
Manufacturer: Astro Pneumatic
Warranty: 1 Year Limited (Manufacturer)
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A complete set of disconnect tools stored in a handy blow-molded case 

Fuel & Transmission Line Disconnect Set
- Anodized aluminum
- Separate fittings on fuel lines, fuel filters & fuel tank return lines
- Sizes: 1/4"", 5/16"", 3/8"" & 1/2"" Oil Cooler Line Disconnect Tool
- Separates automatic transmission oil cooler lines on Ford Taurus and Escort with AXOD and ATX transmissions
- Fuel line disconnect tool allows damage free fuel line quick connect coupler release
- Fits any 5/16"" or 3/8"" fuel line found on GM, Ford or Chrysler cars
- Ford fuel line coupling tool provides easy, damage-free fuel line separation
- Works on 1990 and newer Ford Ranger and Explorers with 4.0L, 6 cylinder engines
- Disconnect tool allows quick separation of quick connectors found on radiators, transmissions and power steering lines
- Releases the fingers on transmission-to-radiator oil cooler line easily without damage to the hose or connector
- Works on 1986 and newer Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable with an AXOD, AOD or ATX transmission
- Quick disconnect coupler tool slides down the line and into the connector; separating the clip apart without damaging the quick connect seals allowing removal of clip
- Works on late model Ford and GM vehicles
Oil Cooler Line Remover
- Anodized aluminum
- This unit is used to disconnect transmission oil cooler lines
- Works on 2003 and 2004 Ford Explorer (V8), 2004 Ford F150, and 2004 Cadillac CS
- Unique design to clear the flare and disconnect the new style clips

Air Conditioning & Fuel Line Disconnect Tool Set
- Sizes 5/16"', 3/8'", 1/2'", 5/8'", 3/4'" and 7/8'" Air Conditioning & Fuel Line Disconnect Tool
- Allows easy disconnection of air conditioning lines & quick connect fuel lines
- Six distinctive tools allow the disconnecting of spring lock couplings air conditioning lines found on Ford and Chrysler
- Allows usage on fuel line quick connect couplings found on GM, Ford, and Chrysler
- 5/16"" Disconnect Tool allows usage on push lock connectors found on Ford radiators and transmission lines