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Full-Size Fords: 1955 - 1970
Item Number: CARTECH-SA176P
Weight: 1.5 lbs.
Publisher: CarTech Inc. / SA Design
Softcover: 144 Pages, 316 B&W Photos
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11.0 x 0.4 inches
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The photos in this edition are black and white.
By 1955, the one-size car to fit all-customers era ended, and by 1960, Ford offered compact, mid-size, and full-size cars. While Ford's Mustang and Thunderbird stole the headlines, Ford's full-size models, the Galaxies, Fairlanes, XL/500s, LTD, Crown Victorias, and others, delivered exceptional comfort, performance, and style in a variety of different trim levels and power train packages. For families, the full-size car was the chosen mode of transportation. Many owners remember these cars from their youth, and hold them in high regard. These models populated the roads and garages because Ford offered a full range of cars with the base six-cylinder engines all the way up to the high-performance 429 cubic-inch V-8.
Full Size Fords: 1955-1970 is a fascinating retrospective of the cars - the design process, manufacturing, equipment packages, and a thorough listing of options, interior patterns, and paint codes. All models from 1955 to 1970 that brought Ford to dominance in the full-size category are revealed in compelling detail. The introduction of the Galaxie, the development of the Skyliner retractable roof car, the radical redesign of the 1960 models to counter Chevy's new sedan, and much more is covered. Period magazine reviews provide insight and perspective of the driving experience and performance of various full-size models. A fascinating retrospective on Ford Y-Block engines as well as Ford FE engine family and the new for 1970 Lima series engine is also provided. In addition, author David Temple examines Ford's racing exploits, featuring the dual-quad 427 Cammer engine, the Galaxie Grand National race car, and factory and lightweight drag cars.
Foreword by Gale Halderman
Chapter 1: 1955–1956: Y-Blocks, a Crown, a Sunroof and Safety 
More Power
Features and Models 
Interior Design
1956: Lifeguard Design
1955–1956 Road Tests 
1955–1956 Sales Summary 
Chapter 2: 1957: Fins, Supercharging and a Flip Top 
The Lineup
A True Hardtop Convertible 
Harmonizing Colors 
Options and Accessories 
Road Testing
Racing and the AMA Ban
Chapter 3: 1958–1959: The FE-Engine, Cruise-O-Matic and the Thunderbird Look 
The New FE
Road Testing
Exterior Styling 
Ford’s Global Tour 
Air Suspension and Other Goodies
Interiors and Paint
Sales Weaken
1959: Gold Medal Winner
Quietly Impressive; No Buck Rogers 
Interior and Paint Choices 
La Galaxie
Chapter 4: 1960: The Controversial Look and the Return of High Performance 
Models and Trim
Upholstery and Paint
Engines and Transmissions 
Available Options 
The 352-Powered Starliner
Fords in Racing Competition 
Chapter 5: 1961: The Classic Look and More Horsepower
Sixteen Models
More Cubic Inches, More Power 
Standard and Optional Equipment
Paint and Interior 
Looking Ahead
Chapter 6: 1962–1963: The Extra Lively Ones 
The 1962 Lineup
Extra-Cost Equipment 
Paint and Upholstery Choices
Engines and Transmissions 
Racing Challenges
Production Numbers 
1963: The Start of Something Big 
Revised Lineup
Standard and Optional Features
Colors and Upholstery 
Impressive Machine
Chapter 7: 1963.5 –1964: The Fastback and Total Performance 
Big Victories and Lightweight Galaxie 500s
Great Year in Sales 
1964: Car of the Year 
The New Look and Lineup
Paint and Upholstery
Options and Accessories 
Win, Win, Win 
Sales Figures Jump 
Caravan of Stars, 1963–1964
Chapter 8: 1965–1966: Luxury and the NASCAR Dispute 
The Road to Roof Changes
The New LTD
Models and Features 
Ford LTD Limousine Program
LTD Executive and Green Mist
Paint and Upholstery Choices
Extra-Cost Hardware
Racing Domination 
Production Numbers 
1966: The Beat Goes On
Paint and Upholstery
Galaxie 500 7-Litre 
Magic Cruiser and Black Pearl
Ford Withdraws from NASCAR
Production Numbers
Chapter 9: 1967–1968: More Emphasis on Luxury
Standard Features
Extra-Cost Items
Paint and Upholstery
Road Test Results 
Magic Cruiser II and XL Interceptor
Production Numbers
1968: Quiet, Strong, Beautiful
Standard Equipment
Paint Colors
Options and Accessories 
XL Road Test 
Production Numbers
Chapter 10: 1969–1970: Wider, Longer, Quieter
Standard Features
Options and Accessories
Exterior Colors
Road Test
Aurora II
Production Numbers 
1970: “The Going Thing”
Standard Features
Extra-Cost Equipment 
Exterior Colors 
Road Test
Production Numbers 
Chapter 11: 1955–1970: Fleet Cars
Ford Police Cars
Ford Taxis
Other Special-Duty Fords
Chapter 12: 1955–1970: Foreign Full-Size Fords 
South Africa 
Afterword: R.I.P.—Rusing In Pieces 
Engines and Engine Codes (U.S. Only) 
Paint Color Codes (U.S. Only)