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Auto Enginuity SP03+ FORD Auto & Truck OBD-II Enhanced Software Bundle (Includes ST07)
Item Number: SP03-Plus
Weight: 2 lbs.
Manufacturer: Auto Enginuity & Drew Technologies
Kit Contains: Cables, Software, and Pass-Thru Device
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AutoEnginuity is proud to announce the release of Giotto® version 19.3. Giotto® version 19.3 
offers our completed 21MY support and introduces J2534 hardware support for our enhanced 
This will not support the Enhanced Powertrain on the 7.3L Diesel Vehicles.  Select SP03 if you have the 7.3L Diesel.
19.3 Highlights Include:
• PSA Enhanced coverage introduced
• Volvo Enhanced coverage improved
• Land Rover 19MY+ systems tests added
• Jaguar 19MY+ systems tests added
• Mercedes Benz 21MY coverage improved
• Jeep hybrid controllers support added
• VAG hybrid controllers support added
After two years of porting, the Giotto® software now supports Opus IVS | DrewTech J2534 
interfaces. Currently supported J2534 devices include the award-winning Opus IVS | DrewTech 
CARDAQ3 and the newly released Mongoose Plus product line (MG+). With J2534 as an 
optional VCI, a technician can run OE software and aftermarket on the same device.
The Opus IVS & DrewTech Mongoose Plus (MG+) is a small form-factor USB J2534 Pass-Thru 
device. What makes the packaging small, and the price so attractive, is that only the protocols 
used by a specific-OEM is installed on the device. That means a MG+ Ford® will contain the 
protocols CAN / ISO / PWM. Therefore, each particular MG+ will be suitable for that 
corresponding OEM-family of vehicles and other OEM vehicles CAN controllers MAY work if 
they use compatible CAN protocols to those installed on the device. For example, a MG+ Ford®
will work on a Toyota® Camry 2021 because the CAN protocols are compatible. However, a 
MG+ Ford® will not work on a BMW® 2001 325 because that vehicle uses DCAN for most of 
the model 

You save with the purchase of bundled software!

Click Here for a Complete List of Coverage: Ford-specific sensors, actuation commands, and systems.
Click here for a comparison to other professional and DIY scan tools.

AutoEnginuity 1996 - Present Ford OBD-II Enhanced Software includes:

  • OBD-II USB Cable & Security Dongle
  • USB PC ProLine Interface Software (ST07)
  • Enhanced Ford Interface Software (EI01)
  • Choose English or Spanish when you install the software on your computer!

Enhanced Interface Features:

  • Complete Diagnostics of All Ford Truck SuperDuty & PowerStroke Diesel Engines (1996 - Present)
  • Complete Diagnostics of All Ford Gasoline Engines (1996 - Present)
  • Complete Control of ALL Computer Modules on the vehicle
  • Support for bi-directional commands & component actuation
  • From PC control windows, lights, locks, ABS, EGR, IMRC, climate control, wipers, etc.
  • With bi-directional controls, now you can take control of the vehicle's individual systems!
  • Automated system level tests
  • Software-only updates1 for our ScanTool that, once purchased, can be activated via email
  • No extra installation or special hardware necessary1
  • Enhanced interfaces are licensed to a single PC & come with free updates for the first year
  • Each additional year of updates is only $150 per ScanTool, per region. (ie - $150 Covers GM, Ford & Chrysler, $150 Covers All Asian, $150 Covers All European)
  • No annual license fee & you can transfer your license to a different PC if necessary.