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01_OTC6589.jpg Electronic Ignition Spark Tester
Item # OTC6589


01_EQUUS3320.jpg Equus 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multi Meter
Item # EQUUS3320


01_EQUUS3510.jpg Equus Multitester Circuit Tester Kit
Item # EQUUS3510


ETL Pistol Probe Electronic Test Light
Item # WAE76000


flk1577.gif FLUKE 1577 Insulation Multimeter 0.1MW 600MW
Combines a digital insulation tester with a full featured, true RMS digital multimeter.
Item # FLK1577


FLK87V.jpg FLUKE 87V True RMS Industrial Multimeter
FLK87-5 FLK-87-5 FLK87V FLK-87V 87 87-5 FLUKE 87V Industrial Multimeter digital tool handtool measurement functions, motor drives, in plant automation, power distribution electro-mechanical equipment
Item # FLK87-5


OTC3505A OTC Series 100 Auto-Ranging Automotive Multimeter
OTC Series 100 Auto-Ranging Automotive Multimeter
Item # OTC3505A


01_OTC3385.jpg OTC Universal Gauge and Component Tester
Item # OTC3385


PPIPP3LS01.gif Power Probe III Combo Kit with Gold Test Lead Set
Item # PPIPP3LS01


Universal Electronic Fuel Injector Quick Probe
Item # WAE76462


Waekon COP Quick Probe VS
Item # WAE76562


Waekon Gold Test Lead Adapter Combo Kit
Item # WAE77101


Waekon Gold Universal Jumper Lead Set
Item # WAE77261


Waekon kV/Arc Quick Probe
Item # WAE76760


Equus3721.jpg Equus 3721 Battery Monitor
Item # Equus3721


OTC3990.gif OTC 1000V CAT III Hybrid Multimeter
Item # OTC3990


OTC3908-small.jpg OTC-3908 AMP Clamp / Digital Multimeter
OTC3908 allows accurate current measurements using clamp jaws. The clamp meter tests starting/ charging circuits, and provides easy access to current, voltage and other key automotive measurements, all in one easy to use tool.
Item # OTC3908


CDOOBDA CanDo OBD-II AID DLC Port Diagnosis Tool
CanDo OBD-II Aid allows you to safely monitor your battery voltage, as well as your alternator


PWP-PPKIT04websites Power Probe 4 Master Combo Kit
Power Probe 4 Master Combo Kit
Item # PWP-PPKIT04


PWPPPDCM80websites Power Probe Digital Clamp Multi Meter
PowerProbe Digital Clamp Multi Meter (80amp)



How to Repair Your Car Or Truck Radio

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