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OTC5081.jpg S-Cam Air Brake Spring Tool
Item # OTC5081


XFR-D630.jpg Dell XFR-D630 Fully Rugged Laptop with Many Upgrades
XFR-D630 Includes Win 10 Pro, Dual-Core 2.2GHz Processor, 160 Gbytes HD, 4 Gb RAM, DVD R/W
Item # XFR-D630


12204.jpg JPRO DLA+ 2.0 w/ Trailer Diagnostic Adapter Truck/Trailer ABS Kit
For Techs working on both Tractors & Trailers. Use 12206 DLA+ 2.0 Adapter/Cable for the tractors. Use 122511 Trailer Diagnostic (PLC) Adapter for Trailers.
Item # 122061-122511


903008.JPG Medium & Heavy Duty Truck Fault Code Guide
Item # 903008


9005A.jpg Mutt- Mini Super Head Trailer Tester
Item # 9005


601020.jpg Nexiq ABS Brake Power Line Carrier (PLC) Conectivity Kit
Use with Nexiq iQ, Graphiq, Pro-Link Plus, or PC Based Scan Tools.
Item # 601020


01_mpi805013.jpg Nexiq Bendix Application 30/30T W/PLC
Diagnose Tractor and Trailer using:
Bendix Systems: EC-15, EC-16, EC-17, EC-30/30T
Item # 805013


nexiq-pro-link-iQ-software.jpg Nexiq Pro-Link iQ Bendix ABS Software Suite - CD/DVD Rom & Access Code
Bendix ABS Software Activation Code & User Manual for the Nexiq Technologies Pro-Link iQ.
Item # 889013


nexiq-pro-link-iQ-software.jpg Nexiq Pro-Link iQ Meritor WABCO ABS Software Suite - CD/DVD Rom & Access Code
Meritor WABCO Software Activation Code & User Manual for the Nexiq Technologies Pro-Link iQ.
Item # 888014


01_mpi804001.jpg DANA EATON Rodaranger w/ PLC Application Card
Item # 804001


Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) for Trucks, Tractors & Buses by Meritor Wabco
Covers Meritor Wabco ABS E Version ECUs, 12-Volt Systems
Item # MM0112


602020.jpg Nexiq J560 ABS PLC (Power Line Carrier) J2497 Adapter
Nexiq 604020 extends Laptop capability with ABS PLC diagnostic directly to the trailer.
Item # 604020


5700A Alpha MUTT w/ ABS Mobile Universal Trailer Tester
Item # 5700A


9107A Electric Brake Force Meter w/ Dynamic Load Simulation and Circuit Testing
Electric Brake Force Meter, Load Simulator and Circuit Tester
Item # 9107A


122511.jpg JPRO Trailer Diagnostic Adapter with Power Cable
JPRO Trailer Diagnostic Adapter with Power Cable
Item # 122511


IPA-9060.jpg Mobile Tire Pressure Equalizer- Up to 5 Tires
Five Tire, High-Flow, Dual Regulator Pressure Equalizer System
Item # 9060


link-kit-lite.jpg JALtest HeavyTruck + Ag MultiBrand Diagnostic Scantool, (Harware, Software, Licence, Info Online), V17.3 -No PC
JALtest COMMAG Heavy Truck + Ag MultiBrand Diagnostic Scantool, V15.1 - No PC


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