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Publisher: Vested LLC
Spiral-Bound: 63 pages
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This book that gives real world explanations as to what is happening in circuits when they suffer from a voltage drop that causes electrical and electronic components to stop working as engineered. This book takes the mystery out of voltage drop. It looks at Ohms Law without complicated math, and provides a refreshing approach to a complex subject.

If you are a little rusty on the subject of voltage drop, and what can cause electrical or electronic components to stop working as designed, this is the book for you.


  • What voltage drop is and what causes it
  • How engineering uses "engineered voltage drops"
  • Why resistance and voltage drop are the major “trouble” in troubleshooting

  • The limitations of the voltmeter and the ohmmeter

  • How to do effective voltage drop testing

  • Why good “continuity” never means “able to pass current”

  • Cautions about open circuit voltage testing and continuity testing

  • How shared voltage feed and ground return current paths affect troubleshooting

  • Why resistance that is large enough to cause a problem in a circuit is an elusive value

  • How to test your meter to see if it can provide you with accurate results

  • Learn why it is smart to do complete shared current path base system tests on every vehicle exhibiting drive ability symptoms that cannot be pinpointed with scan testing and code retrieval

  • See why individual circuit testing should never be performed until after all base-system testing has been completed, and all excessive voltage drops in the base system have been reduced to an acceptable standard

You will learn how to improve your troubleshooting.

Joe Glassford, the author of this book, has 20 years experience teaching vehicle technicians!