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40 Amp Battery Tester & System Analyzer w/Drop Analyzer
Item Number: ATMBVA350
Weight: 4 lbs.
Manufacturer: Auto Meter Products
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Performs a load test on 6 and 12 Volt batteries

Performs a 12 Volt Alternator Load test

Performs a Starter Draw test

Performs a check on 24-Volt Batteries, Starters and Alternators

Performs a Voltage Drop test on the alternator and starter cables and provides the added option of Voltage Drop while testing the alternator.

Protective rubber boot for easy grip and protection

Digital display gives GOOD, BAD or MARGINAL battery condition with Voltage, percent charge and estimated CCA

Digital display gives GOOD, LOW or HIGH regulation on the alternator with GOOD or BAD diodes and OUTPUT reading

Digital display gives the Voltage Drop at a specified Amps and Volts including both the Positive and Negative side

Applications: 6V & 12V Automotive, Marine, & Commercial Batteries. 12V & 24V Starting and Charging Systems. 12V Cabling.

Battery Sizes: 6V & 12V, 200-1600 CCA, 250-2000 CA, 250-2000 MCA, 175-1500 EN, 125-1050 IEC, 100-900 DIN.

Starter Draw: 0-999 Amps +/- 10%.

Alternator Diagnostics: Regulation (Low, Good, or High), Diodes (Good or Bad), Output (Low, 20-50 Amps, Over 50 Amps) Cables (Good or High Drop).

Cable Test: Voltage Drops in Positive & Negative Cables at Rated Current. 0 to 2.00 Volts +/- 5%.

Load: Automated 40 Amp Resistive Load.

Display: 4X16 Character Wide Temperature LCD.

Housing: Acid Resistant ABS Plastic w/Protective Boot.

Memory: Last 50 Tests.

Load Clamps: 2.5 ft. 16 AWG Cables w/Insulated Volt and Amp Conductors and 4-Wire Kelvin Jaws for Accurate Measurements.

External Leads: 10 ft. 16 AWG.

Voltage Range: 0 to 32 Volts, 0.01V Resolution, +/-0.05V, Test Batteries Down to 0.50 Volts.

Power Requirements: 9V Alkaline Battery.

Operating Temperature: 0 to 120 F.

Size: 4.5" x 7.1" x 1.4".

Weight: 1.5 lbs.

Warranty: Auto Meter?s Friendly One Year Warranty.

Interface Options: IR Printer, PC via RS-232.

Accessories: AC-22 infrared printer controlled from up to 40 feet. AC-12 serial cable for computer download.