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Parallel Charger, Tester, Maintainer (115 Volt)
Item Number: ATMBUSPRO600S
Weight: 31 lbs.
Manufacturer: Auto Meter Products
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This Auto Meter BusPro-600s battery charger features six independent charging stations with a 5 amp rating per station. They use lights to indicate a defective battery, charging, maintaining, and improper connections. The battery chargers will remove sulfating by using a micro-controlled current pulse, and have an overcharging control to prevent any damage.


  • 6 independent charging stations.
  • Connect up to three BusPro-600s together.
  • Lights indicate defective battery, charging, maintaining and improper connections.
  • Removes sulfation by means of a micro controlled current pulse.
  • Maintenance output per station 13.2 Volts with 0 to 2.5 Amp variation as needed.
  • 115 VAC Micro controllers: Each of 6 stations are independently controlled.
  • Over charging: Each controller prevents over charging.
  • Sulfating: Each controller removes sulfating automatically.
  • Charge Mode: 5 Amps per station.
  • Maintenance Mode: 13.1 volts with 0 to 2.5 amp variation as needed.
  • Temperature: 0 to 120 degrees F.Humidity: 0 to 85 percent non condensing.
  • Red LED only: One per station 'Steady' for Charging - 'Defective Battery' if flashing.
  • Green LED only: One per station indicates 'Charged and Maintaining' ready for load test.
  • Red & Green LEDs on: Indicates 'Topping of Battery'. Error:
  • No lights indicate improper polarity or connection.
  • Power: AC power. Clamp Leads: 6 feet 18 gauge.
  • Expansion: Up to 3 BusPro units can be hooked together.
  • Capacity: Optional AC-8 lead sets can charge 6 additional batteries. This reduces the amps per station to 2 1/2. This works well for motorcycle batteries.
  • Size: 3 inches x 8 inches x 36 inches.
  • Shipped Weight: 31 pounds