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New For 2013!  Easy to read yet technically precise, MODERN DIESEL TECHNOLOGY: HEATING, VENTILATION, AIR CONDITIONING, AND REFRIGERATION, 2nd Edition is the text of choice for many of the country's best diesel technology programs! Detailing the foundations of truck heating, air conditioning, engine cooling, and truck-trailer refrigeration, the book integrates modern technical terms with photos that clearly demonstrate typical, on-the-job tasks in logical sequence. Coverage includes an entire section on thermodynamics, as well as solid instruction on safety, equipment, components, troubleshooting, performance testing, maintenance, and even the history of HVAC/R in the diesel trucking industry. Enhanced with photos, drawings, and self-testing questions in each chapter, MODERN DIESEL TECHNOLOGY: HEATING, VENTILATION, AIR CONDITIONING, AND REFRIGERATION, 2nd Edition delivers the technical accuracy and depth of HVAC/R information you need for a rewarding career as a diesel technician.


  • a detailed section on truck-trailer refrigeration includes specific information on transport refrigeration equipment in use today, not found in any other text of its kind
  • features coverage of supplemental truck heating and cooling, a concern as governments try to regulate the amount of emissions being produced by the trucking industry
  • useful as a one-stop, user-friendly resource provides all relevant material in one complete book
  • ASE and NATEF correlations are provided in each chapter where applicable.
  • To help put classroom theory into shop practice, each MDT Series title will be offered with a companion Job Sheets manual. The Job Sheets have been thoughtfully designed by experienced instructors to assist users in gaining job preparedness skills and mastering specific technical competencies required for success as a professional diesel technician. While designed to support the MDT Series, the manuals are also useful on their own, or with any comprehensive or area-specific diesel technology text. The manuals reference the NATEF Task List and consist of a set of Job Sheets for each of the following areas: Electrical/Electronic Systems; Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning Brakes; Suspension and Steering; Hydraulics Diesel Engines; Drive Train Preventative Maintenance Inspection

Table of Contents:

History of HVAC. 2. Environmental and Safety Practices. 3. Thermodynamics. 4. Air Conditioning Components: Compressor, Condenser, and Receiver-Drier 5. Air-Conditioning Components: Metering Devices, Evaporator, Accumulator 6. Air Conditioning Systems. 7. Service Procedures. 8. Truck Engine Cooling Systems. 9. Climate Control/Supplemental Truck Heating/Cooling. 10. Trouble Shooting. 11. APAds/ACPU Air Conditioning Control Systems (Air Conditioning Protection Unit). 12. Coach Air Conditioning. 13. Truck Trailer Refrigeration Equipment . 14. Truck Trailer Refrigeration Components. 15. Truck Trailer Refrigerant Flow Control. 16. Truck Trailer Refrigeration Electrical Components. 17. Truck Trailer Refrigeration Maintenance Procedures