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ASE G1, Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair MotorAge DVD & Test Prep Manual
Item Number: 9781934855416
Weight: 1.2 lbs.
Publisher: MotorAge / Advanstar Communications
Softcover: 130 pages & DVD-ROM 2.75 Hour Runtime
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11.0 x 1.0 inches
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ASE Test Prep Manual & DVD Traing Package G1, Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair
by Motorage, Most recent edition

We Sell Only the Newest Edition that is published today.  We purchase direct from MotorAge and sell hundreds of the ASE test Prep Manuals every week.  Anytime there is a change in the manuals content we return old copies in exchange for new editions.

The Motor Age Self-Study Guide for the G1 ASE Test, Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair, contains:

  • Motor Age Training's ASE Test Prep Courses written by ASE Certified Master Technicians!
  • Techniques and strategies that allow you to better prepare and take the ASE test.
  • Task List for the A1 ASE Test lists the subject matter areas that need to be understood by the technician in order to pass the test.
  • The G1 Study Guide Manual & DVD-ROM both cover: 
    • General engine inspection, filter, fluid, and belt replacement
    • Automatic transmission/transaxles, manual drive train inspection
    • Suspension and steering component inspection and replacement
    • Brake system inspection, disc, drum, rotor, pad, and caliper replacement – includes wheel alignment
    • General electrical related to starting and charging and lighting
    • Heating and Air Conditioning system inspection
  • Complete Practice Test, with questions and answers written similar to the actual ASE test. Each answer in the Practice Test has clear explanations of why the right answer was the correct choice. 
  • Engine Terminology Glossary, Listing all engine-specific terms and abbreviations used in the test prep manual.
  • This G1 ASE Test Prep Manual is written by professional editors.  It is easy-to-read, has dozens of clear useful pictures, and is easy to take along where ever you go. You can even use this study guide in the shop as a reference manual after you’ve taken the ASE test.

ASE G1 DVD Video Includes:

  • Engaging Video Content
  • Study Guide
  • ASE Task List
  • Practice Test Questions & Quiz
  • Glossary of Terms
  • DVD-ROM Runtime: 2.75 Hours


The ASE G1 study guide is intended to help technicians prepare for the G1 Auto Maintenance & Light Repair Test. The G1 test prep manual contains Test Specifications, a task list, and sample questions with answers. After studying this guide, you should you should be well prepared to take the test.  Certification in Auto Maintenance & Light Repair is somewhat different from other ASE certifications.  Technicians who pass the G1 exam, and have at least one year of hands-on on-the-job experience in auto maintenance and light repair (half may be substituted by vocational training in the maintenance 7 light repair area), you will be certified in this G1 area. 

The ASE G1 test contains 55 scored questions, and 10 unscored questions, and you will have 1 1/2 hours (90 minutes) to complete the test. The questions, written by service industry professionals skilled with all aspects of maintenance and light repair, are completely job-related. These exam tests skills you need to know in order to do the job correctly.  Theoretical knowledge or capability is not covered.  The Test Specifications and the Task List, provide you with a map of the topics that will be covered on the test. The sample questions and answers will expose you to the types of multiple-choice questions typically seen on ASE tests. 

It is best for you to be well-rested for the test so you will be alert and prepared. It is always better to arrive early to the test location, and late arrivals may be turned away.  Also, bring your test center admission ticket and a current photo ID such as your driver’s license. Storage lockers will be available for your personal items, and cell phones. Your test appointment will begin with a short video to familiarize you with our computer-based testing system.  The G1 test has a time limit of 1 1/2 hours total. The timer on the computer screen will show the amount of time left. If a question is to difficult, select your best guess and flag the question. If you have time after you complete all the test questions, revisit your flagged questions for a final review of the question & answers. Applicants are scored on correct answers only, so you should try to answer every question as well as you can.