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ASE A1, Automotive Engine Repair MotorAge Test Prep Manual - Softcover
Item Number: 9781950119004
Weight: 1 lbs.
Publisher: MotorAge / Advanstar Communications
Spiral Bound: 118 pages
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11.0 x 0.3 inches
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ASE Test Prep Manual A1, Automotive Engine Repair
by Motorage, Most recent edition

We Sell Only the Newest Edition that is Published Today.  We purchase direct from MotorAge and sell hundreds of the ASE test Prep Manuals every week.  Anytime there is a change in the manuals content we return old copies in exhange for new editions.

The Motor Age Self-Study Guide for the A1 Engine Repair ASE Test contains:

  • Techniques and strategies that allow you to better prepare and take the ASE test.
  • Task List for the A1 ASE Test lists the subject matter areas that need to be understood by the technician in order to pass the  test.
  • Diagnostic information: Engine Mechanical, Lubrication and Cooling Systems.  This section includes symptom descriptions and their causes, complete engine testing procedures, and interpretation of test results.
  • Repair information: Engine Mechanical, Lubrication, Cooling, Fuel, Exhaust and Electrical Systems. This section includes engine disassembly, cleaning, inspection, repair and assembly.
  • Complete Practice Test, with questions and answers written similar to to the actual ASE test. Each answers in the Practice Test has clear explainations of why the right answer was the correct choice. 
  • Engine Terminology Glossary, Listing all engine-specific terms and abrviations used in the test prep manual.
  • This A1 ASE Test Prep Manual is writted by professional editors.  It is easy-to-read, has dozens of clear useful pictures, and is easy to take along where eer you go. You can even use this study guide in the shop as a  reference manual after you’ve taken the ASE test.