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ASE H5 (Transit Bus) Suspension and Steering Delmar Test Prep Manual
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Publisher: Cengage Learning
Softcover: Approx. 100 pages
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Newest Edition
ASE Transit Bus Technician Certification H5: Steering and Suspension


For the first time, there is a test preparation guide designed specifically to meet the requirements of the ASE certification exam for Transit Bus H5, Suspension and Steering. This exclusive new offering from Delmar Learning, ASE Test Preparation - Transit Bus H5, Suspension and Steering, is based upon the newly released ASE task list for this exam, and pairs it with ASE-style practice questions. The end result is a thorough and relevant training regimen for anyone seeking to successfully master the H5 ASE certification exam.

Product Benefits:

  • provides the most up-to-date ASE Task specifications for this new exam
  • ASE-style exam questions reflecting the most recent ASE task list the skills that technicians need to know on the job
  • each book contains a sample test, and additional practice learning
  • includes a brief history of ASE that follows its evolution from inception to the present
  • a comprehensive glossary of technical terms helps readers master important transit bus definitions and vocabulary
  • provides users with a better understanding of their strengths and areas needing additional review
  • content reviewed and approved by master technicians

Table of Contents:

Section 1: The History of ASE Section 2: Take and Pass Every ASE Test Section 3: Types of Questions on an ASE Exam Section 4: Overview of the Task List Section 5: Sample Test for Practice Section 6: Additional Test Questions for Practice Section 7: Appendices