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402901_385x270.jpg ROUSH Air Filter Replacement for M90 CAI / Non-Intercooled F150 Supercharger
Roush Air Filter, Replacement, M90 Cold Air Kit / Non-Intercooled F-150 Supercharger
Item # 402901


404396_2_385x270.jpg ROUSH Case of 6 ROUSH« Premium Air Filters RF1615
Roush Air Filters, FA1615 Replacement, Case of 6
Item # 404396


404400_2_385x270.jpg ROUSH Case of 6 ROUSH« Premium Air Filters RF1754
Roush Air Filters, FA1754 Replacement, Case of 6
Item # 404400


404397_2_385x270.jpg ROUSH ROUSH« Premium Air Filter RF1615
Roush Air Filter, FA1615 Replacement
Item # 404397


404401_2_385x270.jpg ROUSH ROUSH« Premium Air Filter RF1754
Roush Air Filter, FA1754 Replacement
Item # 404401


404399_2_385x270.jpg ROUSH ROUSH« Premium Air Filter RF3598
Roush Air Filter, FA1773 Replacement
Item # 404399


401546_385x270.jpg ROUSH Colder Spark Plug, Mustang (2004-2008) and F150 (2004-2007)
Roush Spark Plug, Autolite HT0
Item # 401546


401546_385x270.jpg Roush Spark Plug, BL3E-12405-BA
Roush Spark Plug, BL3E-12405-BA
Item # 421166



ROUSH offers a selection of F-150 service parts, including air filters, brake pads & rotors, and engine belts. Each of these parts replace wear items, but do so while delivering superior performance.

The air filters of this line feature a specially designed filter media that optimizes dirt filtering and holding capacity and protects against engine wear due to airborn contaminants.

ROUSH engine belts are intended for use with a ROUSH supercharger kit. The belts are made with self-lubricating fabric and provide superior resistance to abrasion. The belts also feature high modulus glass fiber non-stretch cords, which deliver length stability and keep the engine running smoothly over the life of the belt.