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What is the difference between a Code Reader and a Scan tool? Readers and Scan tools both display vehicle computer fault (MIL) codes with descriptions. Scan tools have the additional function of providing real-time component voltage and current outputs. Some examples of these components are: 02 Sensors, Fuel Injectors, Throttle Position Sensors, and Transmission Sensors.

What is the difference between OBD I & OBD II (On-Board Diagnostic I & II)? OBD I covers: Ford and Chrysler vehicles 1983-1995, Jeep vehicles 1991-1995, and GM vehicles 1982-1995. Import vehicles used manufacturer specific connectors and software prior to 1996. OBD II covers all vehicles 1996-present.

Connector Auto-Xray Scan Tool:

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Scanner AutoXray OBD Tester Codes