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Item Number: TSCAN3
Weight: 1 lbs.
Manufacturer: Daytona Sensors LLC.
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Twin Scan III Harley Scan Tool

  • Compatible with 2011-2012 Softail and 2012 Dyna with CAN data bus

  • Uses laptop PC for display. Includes Windows software

  • Reads and clears diagnostic trouble codes from engine control module (ECM), body control module (BCM), speedometer, tach, and anti-skid braking system (ABS)

  • Real time display of engine data on instrument panel type display

  • Built-in data logging. Stores up to one hour of data. Automatically triggers when a trouble code is set. Shows data before and after code is set

  • Includes two analog inputs with 0-20V or 200V range. Twin Scan 3 features two channel scopemeter capability for waveform display. The analog inputs can also be used for air/fuel ratio (AFR). All Twin Scan 3 units can be upgraded to Twin Scan 3+ for use as tuning aid

  • Compact size: 3.1"L x 2.2"W x 1.0"H

New 2011-2012 Harley-Davidson motorcyles use the CAN data bus for communications between the engine controle module, instrument moduel, body control module, anti-skid braking system and diagnostic scan tools. The Twin Scan 3 connects to the six terminal Deutsch style data link connector on the H-D wiring harness and requires a laptop PC for user interface and data display.

The Twin Scan 3 features stand-alone data logging (no laptop PC attached). This feature provides diagnostic capabilities not found in any other available tools. The Twin Scan 3 is especially useful for diagnosing hard to find intermittent trouble codes. The motorcycle can be operated while the unit is installed. Under normal conditions (no trouble code), the unit can be set up to store data for the last hour of operation. If a trouble code is set, the unit automatically stops logging data 30 minutes after the code is set. Even days or weeks later, you can download the data. You can examine in detail what happened before and after the code was set. You have a range of capabilities for analyzing and printing out logged data that is displayed in a chart recorder format.

Twin Scan III Software

The Twin Scan software has five major functions: reading and clearing diagnostic trouble codes, displaying real time engine data, displaying logged data, scopemeter display of signal waveforms, and analyzing AFR data (if used with optional WEGO IIID). 

Diagnostic Trouble Codes

The unit will display information for all available modules (this includes the speedometer and tach on models with the instrument module on the data bus). The upper half of the screen displays the system ID and calibration code information. The lower half of the screen displays diagnostic trouble codes. Each current and historic trouble code is displayed along with a brief description. The software includes a database of all diagnostic trouble codes published by Harley-Davidson. You can then refer to the H-D Electrical Diagnostic Manual for your model for detailed explanations and troubleshooting flowcharts.

You can print the displayed information to any Windows printer by clicking on the Print Codes button. You can clear any codes by clicking on the Clear Codes button.

Real Time Engine Data

You can display real time engine data on an instrument panel type layout with round tach and speedometer gauges and bar graph type gauges for most other parameters. Barometric pressure, idle RPM and system status are displayed in additional boxes. If the engine is not running, most values will appear as zero.

You can log data directly to the laptop PC while real time engine data display is active by clicking on the Start Data Logging button. Data is logged to a buffer memory on the laptop PC that stores 1450 data points using data logging interval ranging from 0.25 to 2.0 seconds. You can start and stop data logging as desired. The last 1450 data points will remain in the program data buffer.

Data Logging

You can display data downloaded from the Twin Scan II (if the unit has been operated on the motorcycle in stand-alone mode) or directly logged while real time display was active. The logged data appears on a chart recorder type screen. Depending on the actual engine control system, a subset of these parameters is displayed. You have a range of capabilities for analyzing and printing the data. Data can also be saved to a file for future reference.

System Requirements

The Twin Scan III interfaces to a laptop PC. Minimum PC requirement is a 300MHz Pentium running Windows XP/Vista/7 with SVGA display (1024 x 768 pixels) and available USB port.

How To Use Twin Scan III Diagnostic Scan Tool for Harley Davidson