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Item Number: OTC3499N
Weight: 8 lbs.
Manufacturer: OTC / SPX Corporation
Warranty: 1 Year Factory OTC
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The OTC 3499N ScanPro Elite has a full color screen and an ergonomically designed housing. This full function OBD I and OBD II scan tool provides enhanced powertrain coverage for GM, Ford, Chrysler, and Toyota. All compliant manufacturers are covered with global OBD II including CAN-based vehicles.

NEW! Domestic OBD-II ABS Vehicle Coverage!

NEW! Diesel Coverage!
Chevy Duramax 6.6L and Ford Powerstroke 7.3L, 6.8L & 6.0L limited coverage
For Ford OBD-I Powerstrokes, Key-On-Engine-Off tests include: On Demand, Injector Buzz & Output State. Key-On-Engine-On tests include: On-Demand, Glow Plug test, Cylinder Contribution and Engine Running Switch.

Standard Features :

  • OBD II drive cycle mode
  • GM, Ford, and Chrysler OBD I functionality
  • Gas and diesel engine coverage (limited diesel)
  • Supports multiple trouble code requests, generic codes, pending codes, enhanced
    codes, and GM DTC status
  • On screen definitions of DTCs
  • All 9 modes of OBD II supported
  • Battery power (6 AAA batteries included)
  • Quick test
  • Performs tool hardware self-test
  • USER Key
  • Function specific help
  • Flash programmable memory
  • Internet updateable
  • I/M readiness
  • Read codes
  • Pending codes
  • Erase codes
  • View data
  • Record and play-
    back of data
  • Freeze frame
  • O2 monitor test
  • Diagnostic monitor test
  • On board systems
  • Vehicle information
  • State OBD check
  • Code lookup
  • Review data

NEW! ScanPro ELITE Scan Tool Features:

  • Retains data from the last five vehicles scanned
  • Large, full color, backlit QVGA graphic display provides information in easy to read format - even under dark shop and bright sunlight conditions
  • Displays code and descriptions on the same screen
  • SD memory card expansion slot
  • On tool acronym library
  • Dynamic language switching English and Spanish
  • Toyota OBD I functionality
  • USB port in tool - cable Included
  • Print data via USB PC interface
  • Graphing data all vehicles, graph live data or recorded data
  • Programmable hot key for special user features

Special User Features :

  • On board power - self powered with 6 AAA batteries (included) to allow data review at the vehicle or at the work bench.
  • Power management system assures uninterrupted operation even if vehicle voltage drops.
  • Heavy duty design stands up to the rigors of shop use.

Kit Includes:

  • Color coded cables - OBD-II cable & Domestic OBD-I cables
  • USB Cable
  • Batteries
  • Soft carry case
  • Scanning Suite CD:
    • Browse user's manuals
    • Update tool
    • DTC look-up
    • Print companion