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Item Number: CARTECH-SA395
Weight: 1 lbs.
Publisher: CarTech Inc. / SA Design
Softcover: 144 Pages
Dimensions: 8.5 inches x 11.0 inches X 0.3 inches
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This book shows you a solid selection process for assembling a powerful engine package, shows popular packages, and then demonstrates the dyno results of these packages. As such, this is an indispensible resource for anyone building GM LS Gen IV engine.


Chapter 1: Intake Manifolds
Test 1: Holley Single- vs Dual-Plane Intake on an LS3 
Test 2: Fast LSXR vs Mast Carbureted Single-Plane 
Test 3: Stock LS7 vs MSD Atomic for LS7, Modified LS7 
Test 4: Stock LS3 vs Speedmaster IR on a Modified LS3 
Test 5: Stock LS3 vs Speedmaster Fabricated Intake on a Mild LS3 
Test 6: FAST Adjustable LSXR Intake on a Mild LS3 
Test 7: Stock vs Kenne Bell 102-mm Throttle Body on a KB SC LS3 
Test 8: Custom Dual-Plenum Adjustable-Runner Intake on a 468 Stroker 

Chapter 2: Cylinder Heads 
Test 1: Stock LS3 vs Chevy Performance CNC L92 on a Stock LS3 
Test 2: Stock LS3 vs AFR 245 on a 408 Stroker 
Test 3: Chevy Performance vs Brodix vs LPE on an LS7 495 Stroker 
Test 4: Effect of Chamber Volume: TEA vs Speedmaster on an LS3 
Test 5: Stock LS3 vs TEA vs Speedmaster LS3 on a 468 Stroker 
Test 6: Chevy Performance vs TS vs SDPC on an LS7 495 Stroker 
Test 7: Stock LS3 vs TFS Gen X 255 on a Modified LS3 

Chapter 3: Camshafts 
Test 1: Stock LS3 vs Comp Cams 281LRR on a Modified LS3 
Test 2: Stock LS3 vs BTR Stage IV on an LS3 
Test 3: LS9 vs LJMS Stage 2 Turbo on a Short-Stroke LS3 
Test 4: NA vs BTR Stage IV Blower Cam on an SC LSX 
Test 5: Effect of LSA on a Supercharged LSX 
Test 6: Effect of LSA on a Stroker LS3 
Test 7: Carb vs EFI Cam on a 417 LS3 Stroker 

Chapter 4: Headers and Exhaust 
Test 1: Stock Exhaust Manifolds vs Shorty Headers on an LS3 
Test 2: Shorty vs Long-Tubes on a Modified LS3 
Test 3: 13⁄4-inch vs 17⁄8-inch on a Mild LS3 
Test 4: 13⁄4 and 17⁄8 vs 17⁄8 Steps on an LS7 
Test 5: 13⁄4 vs 17⁄8 SC B15 LSX 
Test 6: Effect of Collector Length on a 6.0 LS3 Hybrid 
Test 7: Shorty vs 17⁄8 Hooker KB SC LS3 

Chapter 5: Supercharging
Test 1: Kenne Bell ZL1 Upgrade at 13 and 18 psi 
Test 2: Effect of Boost (Pulley Swap) on a Whipple Supercharged B15 LSX at 16 vs 23 psi 
Test 3: 408 LS3 Hybrid Stroker: NA vs Vortech YSi at 13.5 psi 
Test 4: LSX 376 B15-NA vs Magnuson TVS at 10.2 psi 
Test 5: NA 427 LSX vs Procharger F1A at 17 psi 
Test 6: 417 Stroker: NA vs Whipple 3.3 at 22 psi 
Test 7: LS3 and Stroker: NA vs Vortech at 7.7 and 13.3 psi 
Test 8: 427 LS3 Stroker: NA vs Kenne Bell 3.6 at 21 and 26 psi 

Chapter 6: Turbocharging 
Test 1: Effect of Ignition Timing on a Turbo 4.8/LS3 Hybrid 
Test 2: 6.0 LS3 Hybrid: NA vs Single Turbo at 6.8 and 9.8 psi 
Test 3: Turbo Cam: LS9 vs BTR Stage II 4.8/LS3 Hybrid 
Test 4: Turbo Sizing: Big vs Small 76-mm 
Test 5: Effect of Boost on a Turbo LSX B15 (14.6 vs 19.5 psi) 
Test 6: 4.8 LS3 Hybrid: NA vs Single Turbo at 9.8 psi 
Test 7: Turbo LS: Effect of Snow Water/Methanol Injection 

Chapter 7: Nitrous Oxide 
Test 1: Modified LS3: NA vs Nitrous Using 100- and 150-hp Shots 
Test 2: 408 Hybrid Stroker: NA vs Zex Wet EFI Nitrous Using 100-hp Shot 
Test 3: Mild LS3: NA vs Nitrous Works Using 100-hp Shot 114 Test 4: LS3-Headed 6.0L: NA vs Nitrous Using 100-hp Shot 
Test 5: LS3 Stroker: NA vs Nitrous Using 150-hp Shot 
Test 6: Stock LS3: NA vs Zex Nitrous Using a 200-hp shot 
Test 7: Cam-Only LS7: NA vs Nitrous Express Using 125- and 175-hp Shots 
Test 8: 468 LS7 Stroker: NA vs NOS Nitrous Using a 250-hp Shot 

Chapter 8: Engine Builds 
Test 1: LS3 Chevy Performance Crate Engine 
Test 2: 600-hp Short-Stroke LS3 
Test 3: Stock LS3 vs 416 LS3 Stroker 
Test 4: LS3 vs 408 LS3 Hybrid Stroker 
Test 5: Supercharged GM B15 LSX 376 
Test 6: Stock vs 468 LS3 Stroker 
Test 7: LS7-Headed 427 LSX 
Test 8: RHS 495 LS7 Stroker