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$299.95 $159.95

Item Number: CP9110-CP9112
Weight: 4 lbs.
Manufacturer: Actron/SPX Corporation
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Actron ScanTool Diagnostic Analyzer with Ford, Lincoln & Mercury OBD 1 Scan Cartridge

This ScanTool is no longer being produced.  You will receive a used scan tool.

This interactive diagnostic analyzer provides the following functions:

  • Troubleshooting of drivability problems
  • Reads 7 displays car/truck computer codes (with on-line help screens)
  • Code library can be retrieved from memory
  • Data recorder for intermittent problems
  • Chart display with user defined custom features
  • Data recorder and data monitoring on 4 line display

This tester consists of the main tester and then vehicle specific cable and software cartridges. This Scantool / cartridge set consists of :

  • Actron CP9110 ScanTool Diagnostic Analyzer (the main computer of this package) with its own carrying case.
  • Actron CP9112 (Cable and Software cartridge) for Ford, Lincoln & Mercury:
    • Covers 1984-1995 OBD I (On Board Diagnostics I)
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