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$164.94 $154.94

Item Number: R5SRSU
Weight: 1 lbs.
Manufacturer: Peake Research Corporation
Warranty: 90 Day Manufacturer
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Recommended by leading service manuals (Bentley, Mitchell, Haynes, All-Data, Chilton’s, etc.)


  • Affordable – Priced similar to a dealer’s diagnostic fee
  • Compact – Fits in your glove box
  • Reads BMW Proprietary “factory” airbag codes specific to your car
  • Resets Airbag Warning Light
  • Very easy to use – takes less than 30 seconds
  • No Wasted Time!

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Busy technicians with a need to read and reset Airbag/SRS codes across a wide range of model year BMWs rely on the Peake Research R5/SRS-U. The R5/SRS-U is a two piece kit which will read and reset BMW factory “dealer” airbag codes and reset BMW’s airbag warning light. Includes a detailed code-book, and fits most models from 1994 to 2003.

Why do I need a specialized tool?
Quite simply – the Airbag (SRS) system employs a number of very sensitive components all designed to keep you safe in the event of an impact. To ensure reliability, BMW incorporated sophisticated self-diagnostics into the SRS system. Any minor fault will trigger the SRS dash light and generate a fault code. Since generic scanners, such as OBDII, do not speak BMW’s proprietary code language, a tool such as the Peake R5/SRS-U will be necessary to read and reset the codes and light.

Connect, Select & Go!
Taking less than 30 seconds to use, the R5/SRS-U requires no batteries, no additional cables, no connectors, no laptop, no software to learn, no special interfaces or downloads. It can only be plugged into one spot, one way. It is truly fool proof - compares in ease with checking your oil, pumping your own gas, etc.

Technical Specs:

  • Size: 3.25" x 1.75" diameter
  • Weight: 177g (8.7oz)(with manual and case)
  • Compatibility (years): 1994-2003 (see “Connection” next and note 1)
  • Connection: (R5/SRS) Connects to the round under-hood plug. (R5/SRS-16) connects to the under-dash plug (R5/SRS-U) covers both. (see note 1)
  • Compatible Makes & Nations: BMW only / all nations
  • Diagnostic range: Reads BMW airbag fault codes that trigger the Airbag warning light
  • Reset Functions: Resets the airbag fault codes and warning light

Note 1: In cars with dual connectors (under-dash + under-hood) the car’s under-dash plug has no reset connections! So you MUST use the “under-hood” tool.

(Example: All BMWs 1996 – 1999, All Z3s and all 740i’s regardless of year are dual connector cars. Also note that X5’s and many three series, up to mid 2001, are dual connector). Check the car before ordering.

Peake Tool Functionality Checklist

  • Easy Operation: Yes (extremely)
  • Read BMW Proprietary SRS airbag codes: Yes
  • Read the same codes the dealer sees: Yes
  • Read the same number of SRS codes as dealer’s tool: Yes
  • Safe for my car: Yes, it’s “fool proof” – even for a determined fool…
  • Broad compatibility range: Yes specs
  • Reset the SRS indicator light: Yes
  • Include everything you need to read and reset SRS codes: Yes
  • Include a code manual with definitions: Yes
  • Include a 90-day warranty: Yes
  • Work only on BMWs: Yes
  • Let you check and reset codes at your convenience: Yes
  • Instructions printed right on the tool: Yes
  • Operate without interface cables, software, or PC: Yes
  • Low Cost: Yes
  • Work with Non-US spec BMWs: Yes